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Adult Leader Resources

Announcement Slides

10/01/2023 – Sunday School Slides

10/01/2023 – Announcement Slides (repeating slides)

Leadership Training for 2023-2024


Ingredients of a Healthy Church:  Making Ministry Match Biblical Convictions


Fall 2023
     August 27
     September 24
     October 29
Spring 2024
     January 28
     February 25
     April 28


Audio recordings of the Leadership Training sessions are available here.

Recommended Books
    Conversion by Michael Lawrence
    Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman

Genuine Care Course for Adult & 55+ Leaders

Click here to view the Genuine Care Course page.
     *Under “choose a course” select Adult Genuine Care Course to listen to the audio recordings of the sessions for our Adult and 55+ Sunday School leaders.  Also on the Genuine Care Course page are links to many other resources to assist you as you show care to others.

A list of the “Help!” minibooks (54 titles) is available here.

Resource Links for Teachers

Curriculum Information and Helps

Knowing the Bible series books from Crossway

Knowing the Bible series online version from The Gospel Coalition

ESV Expository Commentary books from Crossway

ESV subscription to online commentaries

The Gospel Coalition Bible Commentary online

TGC Essays online

Crossway+ Information

Bible Talk podcast (Judges starts with Episode 71 on 01/18/2023)

Teacher Training for 2023


Teacher Training Dates for 2023 Lessons [flyer]
    1st Quarter 2023 (James):  November 20
    2nd Quarter 2023 (Judges):  March 26
    3rd Quarter 2023 (Mark):  June 11
    4th Quarter 2023 (Hosea):  September 10


Audio recordings of the Teacher Training sessions are available here.

Online form to submit the quarterly Teaching Rotation Schedule for your class:
    Teaching Rotation Schedule  |  2023 Q1 – James [form closed]
    Teaching Rotation Schedule  |  2023 Q2 – Judges [form closed]
    Teaching Rotation Schedule  |  2023 Q3 – Mark
    Teaching Rotation Schedule  |  2023 Q4 – Hosea

Handouts from the Teacher Training sessions…
    …from November 20 Training (James)
      → SS Teacher Training Agenda (2023 Q1 – James)
      → Teaching Growth Grid
    …from March 26 Training (Judges)
      → SS Teacher Training Agenda (2023 Q2 – Judges)
    …from June 11 Training (Mark)
      → SS Teacher Training Agenda (2023 Q3 – Mark)
    …from September 10 Training (Hosea)
      → SS Teacher Training Agenda (2023 Q4 – Hosea)

2023 Lesson Schedule of Sunday School lessons is available here.

Teacher Resource Guide to Bible study books and commentaries is available here.

Missions Prayer Guide

The 2023 Missions Prayer Guide is available here.

Sunday School Newsletter | Sunday School Lesson Card | Bible Reading Plan

Click here for the latest newsletter, the list of lessons for the current quarter, and the Bible reading plan.

2023 Sunday School Class Christmas Fellowship Guide

Sunday School classes have the opportunity to host their Christmas fellowships on-campus on Friday, December 1 and Saturday December 2.

Submit your room request by completing this online form by Wednesday, September 6.

Submit your set-up request by completing this online form by Friday, October 20. [form opens in October]

A detailed guide is available to view or download here.
*This guide provides detailed information about the steps to hosting an event on-campus as well as information about the set-up items that may be available.