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Whether you are requesting a hospital visit, support for a loved one who is homebound, or planning a funeral, we are here to help. Please direct your questions to our Pastoral Care team at or by using the form below.



Funerals / Bereavements

When grief calls upon us as families, we want to walk together through this time. Our First Baptist Family wants to help you and your family during this difficult time. When you reach out to our office, we are happy to come alongside of you to help in planning the funeral service, whether here at our church or a funeral home, leading the funeral services and offering guidance to answer questions you may have about decisions faced during bereavement. During this special time of need, it is comforting to know that someone is there to support you, pray with you and for you, and walk with you as you plan your loved one’s funeral.

Hospital Visits

When we are sick or in need of surgery we stand in need of prayer. When you or a loved one has a surgery scheduled or find yourself in the hospital unexpectedly, please let us know so that we can minister to you in your hour of need. Whatever the situation, a visit from Pastoral Care can bring great comfort when you are in the hospital. To request a visit, please call us at 366-1236 or e-mail us at or click here (link to our Pastoral Care web page to fill in).


Do you have a family member who is no longer able to attend church or get out other than to go to the doctor? If you think they would like to be periodically contacted by someone from our church, please call us at (904)366-1236 or email us. We, as their church family, want to maintain a connection with them so they do not feel forgotten.




Marriage is God’s wonderful creation and he designed it to glorify to his name, display the greatness of the gospel, and to bring goodness to his people. However, marriage is also the union of two sinners, which means that are challenges and struggles amid the goodness. Here at First Counseling we are passionate about showing how the riches of God’s Word can bring peace and joy to even the most difficult marriage struggles. 



Our world is full of broken relationships, and we all feel the pain that conflict brings into our lives. The good news is that God’s Word has the help we need to reconcile what is broken and bring an end to the strife that divides. First Counseling is here to help you bring about biblical reconciliation and restoration in a way that is honoring to the Lord as we all seek to eagerly maintain unity and peace (Eph 4:1-3).


Counseling Ministry

There is hope! In this world there are problems and trials as well as struggles with personal sin and the sinful actions of others. However, in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the powerful Word of God, we have everything necessary to live a joyful life that pleases the Lord. We are here to help struggling people know the hope that comes from following Christ’s solutions to life’s problems.




God has designed us to live in fellowship with other believers. The church is more than just a worship service but is a community of Christians who are committed to share life together. The best way to connect to other members of our church is to join a Life Group. Whatever need, support, or prayer request you might have, your Life Group wants to be the first to show you the love and care of Jesus Christ. Fill out a next steps form to find a group.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you are requesting a visit to someone who is homebound or in the hospital, needing help in planning a funeral, welcoming a new baby into the world, or simply going through a difficult season of life, we know that Christian community is vitally important. Our desire is to surround you with Jesus’ comfort (1 Corinthians 1:3-7). Our pastors want to connect with you to pray with you and surround you with tangible care. We want to invite you to join with us here and be a part of a community of believers who show genuine care to people every day.

Please use the form below to plan your visit to our church and one of our pastors will reach out to you!

Steve Clifton

Pastoral Care Pastor

Steve is the Pastor of Care and Discipleship and has served First Baptist Church of Jacksonville since 1996 in a variety of pastoral positions.

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