Why Is Church Membership So Important?

Research indicates that formal church membership increases a person’s commitment to Christ by three and a half times. More importantly, the Bible encourages believers to “join” their lives to a local body of believers. In addition, Christians are commanded to submit to local church leaders for spiritual protection and to serve one another. This only happens in the context of a common commitment to a local assembly of believers. Membership is not really about you, but rather it is about us! Consider the following verses:

How Do I Join FBC JAX As A Member?

At the close of each service, we extend an invitation for people to come forward to receive prayer, counseling, or information about joining our church. At that time, our counselors can assist you and gather any necessary information. As a general rule, you can unite with FBC JAX in one of the following ways.

  • A profession of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by Scriptural baptism

  • Affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by Scriptural baptism

  • Statement of faith in Jesus Christ and Scriptural baptism

  • Transferring membership from another Baptist church of like faith