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A place for you and your family to grow in your faith, deepen your community, and encounter Jesus

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We want to walk alongside you in this difficult world. When you have questions about God and the Bible, we want to be there to help you answer them. In an often cruel world, we want you to know that you have a God in heaven and friends in this city who really love you.

Most importantly, every time we are together, we want you to experience a real and personal encounter with Jesus that changes you for the better. We invite you to join our family!

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Story of Life Change

God Showed Me Mercy

“I quickly held on to the things of this world and they did not satisfy.” – Abigail

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“Good marriages do not just happen, they are made to happen.” Learn more from our counseling pastor.


This 8-week study with Pastor Heath biblically and practically explores God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility.