Is this your first time visiting First Baptist Jacksonville? Not sure where to go? Do you have children and want to know what’s available for them?

We want to help you find your way. Let us know you’re coming by completing the form below. You will receive an email with information & instructions on what do to when you visit us. You’ll be greeted you when you arrive on campus by one of our Guest Services volunteers who can answer any questions you have. We’ll see you there!

Campus Information



8:45 AM

  • Worship Service 
  • Sunday School: Men’s class, Women’s class, and First Kids (K-5)

10:30 AM

  • Worship Service
  • Sunday School: Mixed Adult classes #1 & #2, First Students, and First Kids (K-5)


5:30 PM – Gather (Fellowship)

6:30 PM – Grow (Midweek Classes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Go

We are thrilled you are considering joining us for worship. You can park your car in one of our guest parking spaces at our front entrance. Walk through our main entrance, and a member of our hospitality team will be eager to greet you.

What do I do with my kids?

It is an honor to minister to your kids on Sunday mornings. Any member of our hospitality team or staff will be glad to help you find your way to our First Kids check-in, where one of our First Kids ministry team members will help you and your family get checked in.

We believe that our worship services are for everyone – adults and children.  So, from the age of 5 and up we have our children sit in the services with us (even though it means there are extra wiggles and noises in our auditorium!). We want our kids, from the earliest of ages to see our worship services as a place for them to worship, too.

What are your beliefs?

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville is a Southern Baptist Church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. We adhere to the doctrinal statement as published in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Click the button below to read it and learn more.

Do I need to give money?

If you are visiting with us, we do not expect you to give to the offering. Our service is a gift to you!

How can I get connected?

There are multiple ways to get connected at our church:

  • Visit one of our “Next Steps” tables in person on a Sunday morning.
  • Click the Next Steps icon below to learn more on our website or have one of our ministry staff reach out to you.
What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable as you worship with us. We are thrilled that you are joining us and want you to be more focused on the service than what you are wearing. During a worship service, you will find a wide spectrum of dress at our church. Some prefer jeans and casual shirts, while others prefer to put on their “Sunday best” We think you will fit in no matter how you dress.

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