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Reaching all of Nocatee
with all of Jesus for all of life.


First Baptist Church Jacksonville at Nocatee has an extraordinary opportunity.

We are a growing church full of growing people in one of the fastest growing communities in the country. 

In response to this opportunity, the Nocatee Campus will take the bold step of growing our facility to reach the communities of Nocatee and Saint Johns County for decades to come. We believe that God wants every person in our church to participate in this opportunity for ministry in our community. 

Explore the information below to learn more about the exciting plans for our campus to grow.

Spencer Harmon, Nocatee Campus Pastor 


  • Nocatee is Growing

    1. Florida is the 9th Fastest growing state.
    2. St. Johns is the 4th fastest growing county in Florida.
    3. Nocatee has been in the top best-selling communities in the country.
    4. Over the next 5 years, our county is projected to grow by nearly 60,000 additional people.
  • Attendance is Growing

    • 700+ first time guests in 36 months
    • Average of 323 people every Sunday
    • 125 new members since launch
    • 540 expected attendance by 2025
  • Ministry is Growing

    • 6 Upward Sports Leagues with 490 registered athletes
    • Over 12 Community groups use our facilities
    • 720 Children heard the gospel at Glow Camp
    • Over 20 community events inviting others to know Christ
  • People are Growing

    • 277 believers discipled in Grow Groups, life groups, and Sunday School each month
    • 67 individuals, couples, and families served through biblical counseling
    • 119 members serving in ministries across campus
    • 18 Sunday school leaders raised up through our leadership pipeline
  • The Kingdom is Growing

    The Kingdom is growing, and nothing will stop it (Matthew 18:16). Our church is simply one small part of God’s plan to spread his glory across the world. This is why we are committed to reaching all of Nocatee with all of Jesus for all of life.

    Grow Campaign Videos

    The Grow Campaign

    Growing Our Facility
    Concept Video


    Why are we doing this now?

    The Nocatee Campus has the unique problem of having growing attendance with shrinking space. Because we do much of our ministry in temporary modular spaces whose permitting will soon expire, we must act now to grow our space to accommodate our growing ministry.

    Aren’t we still paying off the building we are in?

    As of January of 2022, our current building has been paid off by our Downtown Campus.

    When do we lose the modular spaces?

    The community of Nocatee has graciously extended our timeline until we are in our expanded facility, with the understanding that construction will begin this year and the modular spaces will be removed as soon as construction is complete.

    When will construction start and end?

    Our plans anticipate beginning construction in the Autumn of 2022 and ending in the Autumn of 2023.

    How involved is the Downtown Campus in this project?

    Aside from paying off our current building, Senior Pastor Heath Lambert and Executive Pastor Coty Hoskins serve on the Project Team that oversees all decisions and communication with contractors.

    What should I do if I did not complete my pledge on our current building?

    If you have not competed your pledge, we would ask you to prayerfully renew that pledge toward the Grow Campaign. Any pledge that has been made since our original building has been paid off has been designated toward the Grow Campaign.

    Will construction impact our weekly ministries?

    We are working with our pre-construction team to ensure that all impacts will be minimal and happen during non-service hours.

    How much money do we need to raise?

    The Nocatee Campus needs to raise 6.95 million dollars. This number is based on estimates and bids from our pre-construction team composed of architects and contractors.

    I still have questions – who can I talk to?

    • Submit questions to:
    • Schedule a time to discuss with Pastor Spencer.

    What should I do next?

    • Prayerfully read the Grow Campaign Booklet.
    • Visit the Grow Campaign website for more information:
    • Prayerfully discuss with your family how the Lord is leading your family to support and contribute to the Grow Campaign.

    What’s Next?
    1. Prayerfully read The Grow Campaign Booklet.

    2. Complete a Grow Campaign Pledge Card.  Contact Emily Rothenbush at for a physical pledge card or fill out your commitment at the bottom of this webpage.



    We invite you to join us in dependent prayer for this vision.

    Pray that God would give our church a renewed passion to reach all of Jacksonville with all of Jesus for all of life. Matthew 28:19-20 

    Pray that God would miraculously provide the funds to pay for our building, making us sacrificially generous people. 2 Corinthians 9:7-8

    Pray that God would grow us in our commitment to our local church as people who worship, grow, serve, share, and give. Ephesians 2:19-21 

    Pray that God would give us unusual favor with our community – that we would have a reputation as those with a real love for Jesus and genuine care for people. Colossians 4:5-6

    Pray that God would protect the unity of our church as we move into a season of transition and growth. Ephesians 4:1-3

    Pray that God would use the season of the Grow Campaign to revive the members of our church in their commitment to our church, to prayer, and to generosity. Acts 2:42


    Join us in this Kingdom work! We are a growing church, full of growing people, right in the middle of a growing community. We believe that God is calling us to take the bold step of growing our facility now to reach Nocatee for decades to come.