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Author: Tim Arndt

Why Answer Atheism?

Atheists are a small minority. They make up for about 3% of the population of our country. So why bother? Why should Christians take the time to learn a thing or two about the small percentage of atheists in our country? My goal is to show you that atheism is not something to be ignored and answering atheism is not a mere intellectual exercise. And I’m going to do that by sharing 5 reasons Christians need to answer Atheism. 1. We answer to speak truth in a world drowning in lies. While atheists are a minority, they are a loud minority. And they are especially influential among the “nones.” While most of our country is composed of religious people, the “nones” have been on the rise. These are the people who check “no religious affiliation” on polls, and they have grown to almost 30% of our...

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Three Benefits of Church Community You Can’t Afford to Miss

Church isn’t popular anymore. “I’m not a fan of organized religion.” “Jesus is cool, but Christians are too judgmental.” “I’m taking a break from church to work on myself.” “I love Jesus, but not the church.” Church attendance is declining, and even worse, Christians are skipping out too. In a culture where over half of those who identify as Christians aren’t participating in a local church, we have a serious problem. So what can we say? How can we convince those who claim the name of Christ to commit to being a part of a church? Even more, how can we convince those on the fringes of church life to fully enter church community? We’re going to have to do a lot better than offer self-centered generalizations like “It’s good for you” or “You might like it if you give it a shot.” These Christians...

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