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Hospitality Headquarters

Weekend of June 23, 2024

ATTENTION: Kid’s space is under construction. Please be extra helpful with guests and church members as they navigate these temporary changes.

Series / Sermon: Philippians 3:12-16

Speaker: Heath Lambert

Door Handouts: None.

Next Steps resources: GLOW Camp invites.

Reserved seating: None.

Safety Patrol:
West Building/LMA: Jimmie Wilson
East Building: Major Ellison

Announcements / rotating slides: be prepared with links / talking points. Unless otherwise noted, all events can be accessed at

    • No PM Service Tonight.
    • TOMORROW: GLOW Camp. June 24-28. Register here. Walk-ups also welcome.
    • Hospitality Training. July 7 at 5pm. Room E-322.
    • CityServe Project: GLAA. July 13 from 10am-2pm. Sign-up here.
    • Student Camp. July 22-26. Register here.
    • Missionary Conference. October 16-18. Please email Morgan if you are able to serve at
    • Join a serving team! There are opportunities in First Kids, First Students, Hospitality, Media, Worship, and the Coffee Shop.

Service Times

Sunday AM

10:45 AM Service – Auditorium

*Childcare provided for infants – Pre-K

Sunday PM

6:00 PM Kids Choir – East, 2nd Floor

6:00 PM Student Worship – East, 4th Floor

6:15 PM Service – Auditorium

*Childcare provided for infants – 3 year olds

Wednesday PM (Midweek)

4:30 PM Dinner – West Hall

6:00 PM Kids Midweek – East, 2nd Floor

6:00 PM Students Midweek – East, 4th Floor

6:15 PM Adult Midweek Classes – East, 3rd Floor

*Childcare provided for infants – Pre-K

More info and meal menu:

Sunday School Locations

Sunday School Locations


  • Preschool – East, 2nd Floor
  • Elementary – East, 2nd Floor


  • Middle School – East, 4th Floor
  • High School – East, 4th Floor

College & Career

  • College & Career (18-34yo) – West Hall (Dining Room)
    • Pastor Tim Arndt


  • 20’s (First Five) – East 302 
    • Teachers: Coty Hoskins, Brandon Adkison
    • Get off elevator, go to the right, down the hall and the room is on your right
  • 30 yo’s (Young Couples) – East, 1st Floor Lobby
    • Teachers: Major Ellison, Brent Blanchette, Matt Furlong
  • Couples (40-54yo) – East 321
    • Teachers: David Luke, Todd Coleman, Scott Davey, Wes Peters, Rick Picerno
  • Men (35-54yo) – East 325
    • Teacher: Tyler Tucker, Ryan Trzeciak
    • Get off elevator, go to the right, and it is the room with glass doors
  • Women (35-54yo) – East 307/308
    • Teacher: Rita Browning, Maria Denham
    • Get off elevator, go to the right, down the hall and the room will be in front of you

55+ Adults

  • Couples – East, 3rd Floor Lobby
    • Teacher: Rick Howard, Mark Eiginger, Paul Bergquist
    • Get off elevator, go to the left
  • Men – East 309/310
    • Teacher: Joey Vaughn, Randy Murray, Ralph Johnson
    • Get off elevator, go to the right, down the hall and take a left, the classroom will be at the end of the hall
  • Women – East 322
    • Teacher: Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Linda Lohrbauer, Carole Moses

Senior Adults (70+)

  • Couples 1 – West 221
    • Teachers: Wayne Morgan, Steve Clifton, Mark Wilhelm
  • Couples 2 – West 210
    • Teachers: Dennis Hill, Aaron Thompson
  • Men 1 – West 206
    • Teachers: Craig Culbreth, Wilbur Grooms, Mike Linde
  • Men 2 – West 207
    • Teachers: Wayne Solomon, Richard Stewart
  • Women 1 – West 205
    • Teachers: Barbara Benham, Ruth Grove, Kim Mitchell
  • Women 2  – West 203
    • Teachers: Marcia Borg, Vicky Rorrer, Sheryl Vickery
  • Women 3 – West 204
    • Teachers: Linda Fuchs, Nan Ramey
  • Women 4 – West 208
    • Teachers: Gail Boswell, Ardene Thorssen

Shine (Special Needs)

  • Shine (6th grade+) – West 102
  • Shine Jr. (Preschool & Elementary) – West 101
    • Located to the right of the West Hall when coming off the elevators

International Ministries

  • Slavic – West 411
    • Pastor Sergii Solokha
  • Vietnamese – LMA 206
    • Pastor Quang Nguyen
    • Located outside of the auditorium. Act like you are going to the balcony, take a left, and walk down the hall. It will be the classroom on your left
  • English as Second Language – East 111
    • Teacher: Peter Marshall, Gary Garvin
    • Located in the counseling center. Enter by the bathrooms on the first floor of the East building, go down the hall, take a left and the room will be on your right

Emergency Preparedness

AED Locations

West Building: 4th floor in the Security office.

West Building: 2nd floor outside of the West garage crosswalk entrance.

East Building: 1st floor outside of the double elevators.

Medical Situation

Who is involved: All Security Officers are First-aid, CPR, and AED certified.

What to do: Clear space around individual, do not attempt to move an injured person; open doors and make a pathway for responders; flag down and help First Responders arriving on scene.

Where to go: Hospitality Team Members should know the locations of all nearby AEDs.

When to execute: Notify Security immediately; If 911 is called, alert Security and Serve Pastor.

How to help: When first responders arrive on the scene, they assume control of the situation. Prevent on-looking from bystanders, avoid discussing the situation with others; kindly ask people not to record the scene with their phones.

First Aid Kit Locations

West Building: 1st floor Usher Room

West Building: 2nd floor Usher Room

West Building: 2nd floor Welcome Desk

East Building: 2nd floor Kid’s Desk

East Building: 3rd floor Great Commission Conference Room cabinet (next to fridge)

Active Shooter

Who is involved: Gather the closest group of people and lead them outdoors. Move people away from the sound of shots.

What to do: Follow the mantra “Run. Hide. Fight.” If possible, run away from the situation. Do not stay in place and play dead. If running is not possible, hide behind cover, preferably in a locked room and remain quiet. If pressed into a situation where neither are possible, find a nearby object to use as a weapon and fight the assailant.

Where to go: Immediately make your way to the closest exit. If there is not an exit to the exterior nearby, find cover, hide, and shelter in place.

When to execute: If you suspect an active shooter situation, make the decision to act immediately. Do not wait for others to confirm.

How to help: When First Responders arrive on scene, they assume control of situation. If hiding with a group of people in cover, have them remain as quiet as possible; do not exit any room or open the door in order to attempt to retrieve others.

Bomb Threat

Who is involved:When alerted to a bomb threat or suspicious object, immediately relay a message to Security. Do NOT use radios for this communication. Nearby Hospitality Team Members will calmly and discreetly guide people away from threatened area.

What to do: Stay away from suspicious object or threatened area.

Where to go: Leave doors open along your exit path for clearance.

When to execute: “If you see something, say something.” If you notice a suspicious object or hear threats about a bomb in a particular area, immediately relay a message to Security.

How to help: Do not attempt to touch, move, or interact with the suspicious object; avoid causing a panic.

Inclement Weather

Who is involved: All Hospitality Team Members should keep governmental urgent weather alerts active on their phones.

What to do: Prevent people from going outside until the all-clear is given; begin moving people to safe spaces.

Where to go: Usher people to indoor areas away from windows or other center-of-building spaces.

When to execute: Once notified by Security or the Serve Pastor.

How to help: Listen to instruction from staff through radios; relay this information as quickly as possible to other Hospitality Team Members; calmly inform volunteer leaders and begin guiding people to safe spaces.


Who is involved: Hospitality Team Members will act as leaders of groups of people, moving them to safety and/or nearest exits.

What to do: Notify Security if you witness or smell smoke. If you witness flames, pull fire alarm.

Where to go: Usher people to nearest safe exits; Hospitality Team Members will be sent to opposite building to keep people from crossing; Hospitality Team Members should know the locations of all nearby fire extinguishers.

When to execute: Call 911 if you visually confirm a fire.

How to help: When First Responders arrive on scene, they assume control of situation; For significant fires, an announcement will be made from the platform about procedures to follow; calmly listen to, pass along, and assist people in following these directions.

Wheelchair Locations

  • West Garage crosswalk (1)
  • West 2nd floor lobby (2)
  • West 1st floor closet (near street level doors) (2)
  • Auditorium 2nd floor usher room (1)
  • Auditorium 1st floor usher room (1)
  • East 1st floor stairwell near pastors’ offices (1)
  • East 2nd floor near crosswalk (1)
  • East 3rd floor outside of double elevators (1)
  • East 4th floor outside of double elevators (1)

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