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Creation, Evolution and the Age of the Earth

Every week at First Baptist we are teaching Midweek courses that are designed to strengthen your faith. We want to grow deep in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. The courses we offer are approximately nine weeks and focus on a particular theological, ethical, or practical issue in the Christian life.

We are a little more than halfway through a course on Creation, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth that is being taught by me and Dr. Ernie Baker.

We believe this class is important because it will address many of the issues that people are facing on a regular basis in school, at work, and even in normal activities such as movies or streaming shows.

The culture is continually attacking the authority and truthfulness of Scripture and we want the next generation to be prepared to answer some of the most challenging questions raised by Darwinism today. We want you to be equipped with answers to help you think through the big questions.

Some of the questions this course tackles are:

  • Is the Bible anti-science?
  • Was Darwin right?
  • Are evolution and the book of Genesis compatible?
  • Does evolution prove the Bible is false?
  • Was Adam a real person?
  • How old is the earth?
  • Does carbon dating disprove the Bible?
  • Was there a real global flood?
  • What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

These classes are being recorded and made available for free in the First Baptist App.

You can download this app on your smart device, click on the “Media” tab, then click on the “Midweek” section to see the course offerings.

As always, if you have not attended First Midweek in the past, it is not too late!

We hope this free content is a blessing to you and helps you think biblically about “all of life” as we seek to reach all of Jacksonville with all of Jesus.

Sean Perron (Ph.D. in Applied Theology from Midwestern Seminary and M.Div., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as the Associate Pastor.  He is the co-author of three books: Letters to a Romantic: On DatingLetters to a Romantic: On Marriage, and Letters to a Romantic: The First Years. 

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