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Controversial Conversations

Pastor Heath recently answered controversial questions related to homosexuality, race, marriage, voting, women in the church, and the Catholic church. You can watch the full talk or see the specific question and time stamp below. It is our prayer that these questions and answers help you think more deeply about how the Bible relates to all of life and increases your faith.

  1. Why do we have no people of color on staff at our church (except the ministries for foreign groups)? How can we expect to have a diverse congregation when we don’t have a diverse staff? – 10:35
  2. What implications does Deuteronomy 24:3-4 have currently on Christian marriages? – 15:50
  3. Would you say that the Bible, as we have it, is inerrant, or that the “inerrancy of scripture” applies only to the original scripts and mistakes might have been made in translation? While I believe that our God who created everything and knows everything is capable of making sure we have all the correct doctrine of salvation we need to be saved, with so many translations (and many definitely with errors and downright falsehoods—e.g. the new world translation), how does the non-Greek/ Aramaic/ Hebrew speaker know which comes closest to the Holy Spirit-breathed word? – 20:02
  4. Since abortion is murder (and even more egregious because the victim can’t defend themselves) should we stop the act by whatever means necessary up to and including the use of force? – 26:39
  5. Is voting Republican the Godly thing to do? – 30:58
  6. Should a man stay home and let his wife work outside the home if he is physically and mentally able to work? – 38:53
  7. I have heard of children that have been born with both sets of genitalia. My mother has insinuated that maybe God made a mistake. I don’t believe this. But isn’t it possible that if a doctor removed one set that they removed the wrong ones? How do we explain something like this? Why would God allow such a terrible situation to happen to anyone? – 40:23
  8. Please describe the role of women in the church as a whole. What voice should and could a woman have in a leadership role at our church?– 47:38
  9. In the Bible and not so far past, people got married and had sex at young ages. Nowadays everyone (including myself) would consider 12–16-year-olds incapable of consent/marriage, and if an older person married someone that young, we would consider it predatory. How do we reconcile these two “truths”? When is someone old enough for marriage/sex? – 53:19
  10. Explain the difference between imputed righteousness of the Bible and infused righteousness of the Catholic church. – 1:00:42

Dr. Heath Lambert is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. He is the author of several books, including The Great Love of God: Encountering God’s Heart for a Hostile World. 

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