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Marriage Conference Audio Sessions

Marriage is God’s creation and he designed it for his glory and our good. Yet sin has damaged God’s purpose and plan for marriage. The good news is that through the gospel and the power of the Word of God, what has been damaged can be restored and reclaimed.

Whether you are a Sunday school leader, mentor, counselor, or pastor we invite you to listen to these audio resources where you will be trained in premarital counseling, communication, conflict resolution, marital roles, sexual issues, parenting, finances, and so much more. Marriages are broken, but by God’s grace what is broken can be restored.

What Others Are Saying…

Whether you are thinking of getting married, you are newlywed, divorced, find yourself in a blended family, or have been married for decades, this conference would succeed in meeting those needs and additionally refresh and renew your soul.

We have been married for almost 32 years and really enjoyed the marriage counseling training from Reclaiming the Beauty of Marriage.  We are a blended family and have a desire to minister to other blended families.  The classes on blended families were very helpful to us. 

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