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WELCOME to the Senior Adults Ministry Downtown!

Our mission is to foster the ongoing development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while connecting our Senior Adults with the ministry of FBC JAX. The Senior Adults Ministry involves Seniors in gospel sharing and the application of scripture to matters of daily living are the ways we live out the purpose of God. This mission is based on the belief that there is no “retirement” from the responsibilities of the Christian’s service, stewardship, or spiritual growth, regardless of limitations of aging and cultural challenges. We place priority on:
  • Developing a personal relationship with Christ
  • Reaching the lost
  • Application of scripture to daily life
  • The urgency of the times
  • Preparation for the judgment seat of Christ
We invite you to join us to enjoy the fulfillment God promises when making Christ the center of your life.

Sunday School

Sunday Mornings
9:00 AM, West Building

We meet in life groups to pursue biblical fellowship and apply God’s Word to everyday life.

Couples 1 W-221
Couples 2 W-210
Men 1 W-206
Men 2 W-207
Women 1 W-205
Women 2 W-203
Women 3 W-204
Women 4 W-209


Tuesday Bible Study
11:15 AM to Noon, West Hall

Join us on Tuesday mornings for Bible study led by a rotation of our pastors. Lunch to follow at $9.00.

First Midweek

Wednesday Evenings
4:30 PM – Gather: Food & Fellowship

6:15 PM – Grow: Adults MDWK Classes

A time to gather and grow as a church family 

Upcoming Events

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