A decision to ask for help through counseling is an important one. It requires a partnership between you and your counselor. In order for us to best assist you in your journey, please follow the instructions for completing the forms below. You may complete the forms online, or print and submit the forms via email at counseling@fbcjax.com, or bring them to The Grace Center Office located at 600 North Main Street, Jacksonville, FL. If you choose to mail the forms, please use our mailing address (The Grace Center, 125 W. Ashley St., Jacksonville, FL 32202). Once all required forms are completed and received, we will contact you about an appointment.

Step 1: Choose an Option Below

While our biblical counselors are very happy to meet with both First Baptist Church members and non-members, we prioritize members and those attending First Baptist.

I want to complete the forms online

If you are a member of another church, please be sure to complete Step 2 after Step 1. 

If you are under the age of 18, please select the Counseling Application for Minors.. 



Step 2: (Non-Members Only)

We are glad to meet with members of other churches, but we do require your pastor complete the Pastor/Church Recommendation Form and he recommend someone in spiritual leadership from your church to come as your Advocate. Both of these forms are explained in more detail below. Please call The Grace Center at 904.366.127 if you have any questions.

To be completed by your pastor:

To be completed by a spiritual leader in the church (advocate):