As a training center for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, we strive for excellence in biblical counseling. This includes providing ACBC-approved CEUs for our certified counselors. Each session counts towards two (2) CE units. The topics are listed below.

CEU Schedule 2022

April 19 (webinar): Counseling and Domestic Violence – Dr. Heath Lambert

April 19 (webinar): Counseling and Domestic Violence – Dr. Heath Lambert

This session will help counselors grow in their understanding of the biblical definition of abuse and how to properly minister to families who have experienced intense suffering. A case study will be involved that is relevant for the counselors at First Baptist and increase their depth of care for individuals.


May 17 (webinar): Counseling Children – Pastor Sean Perron

This session will examine a biblical methodology for counseling children and provide practical diagrams and techniques for engaging the sufficiency of Scripture with this important age demographic.


June 21 (webinar): Understanding and Counseling Transgenderism – Dr. Ernie Baker

Transgenderism—where did it come from and how do we help?

It seems like transgenderism has appeared suddenly as a cultural discussion but in reality, it is the fruit of a culture with a long history of focus on self. In particular, it is the belief “I can make myself after my own image and my own likeness.” How do we biblically help those with these desires? How do we counsel the identity issues? There is hope in scripture for understanding true identity and accepting God’s creation design.


July: no meeting

There will not be a meeting this month.

August 16 (webinar): Understanding Trauma Informed Counseling – Dr. Ernie Baker 

The goal of this training is both to understand what is meant by “Trauma Informed Counseling” and to evaluate this counseling ideology theologically. The buzz both in the secular and parts of the biblical counseling worlds is that we MUST be trauma informed so that we “do no harm” to counselees. We are being told that we must refer those who suffer from PTSD or abuse to those who have received specialized trauma counseling. What can we learn from this approach to counseling? Does the Bible address people who have been through trauma, and are there enough resources in scripture to address these issues?


September 20 (webinar) : Marriage Counseling Methodology – Unraveling the spaghetti – Dr. Ernie Baker

If there is anything every biblical counselor needs to do well it is marriage counseling. Marriage counseling is the most common type of counseling, especially in our present culture. This seminar will present a tried-and-true model for unraveling the complicated pieces, seeing the false worship desires that are influencing the relationship, being able to diagnose the relational weaknesses and coming up with a session-by-session plan toward a more God-glorifying, Christlike marriage.


October 18 (webinar): Ministry to families impacted by pornography – Dr. Heath Lambert

This session will specifically focus on women and children who have been exposed to pornography or their husband or father is enslaved to it. It will provide practical examples of care and complex questions to navigate when dealing with a family that is heartbroken and shocked by sexual sin.


November 15: Frank and Evelyn—How Can We Help Them? – Dr. Ernie Baker

“Practice makes perfect” and “there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.” Because of this we want to practice by discussing together a marriage counseling case. We will analyze, diagnose, and then prescribe a biblical plan of action for this couple whose marriage has deteriorated to the point of separation. We will answer how they got to this point, how to stabilize the marriage, and how to set them on a path to be a godly couple for the glory of God.

December: no meeting

There will not be a meeting this month.