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Author: Margaret Tucker

Tips on Biblical Friendship

I’m not sure if Covid and its isolation played a role in our thinking or rethinking of friendships. But I know during this time of “hunkering down,” I insulated myself, and my friendships did not thrive. Covid is in the rearview mirror now, but I do think we are experiencing some residual effects. Let’s do some thinking and see what we, as friends, can do to think biblically about friendship. I’ll dive in with a line from an email a friend recently sent me; “I really enjoy doing life together with you.”   The saying “doing life together” is thrown around a lot these days.  I really like the saying, and I think I understand the intent behind it, but what does it mean for ladies to “do life together”? One of the answers is: “life together” is friendship. What a kind gift God has given...

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